01 Nov 2022

Existing monthly, October 2022

It's been a long time since we wrote one of these monthly wrap-up posts! We decided the time required to compile the stats and write the blog post each month could be better spent elsewhere. However, I want to try a simpler approach that'll be quicker to write but still provide some transparency into what we're up to each month. Here goes!


Completed this month

Bug fixes

This month I tried listing all major bug fixes on our public roadmap, but we agreed this clutters up the roadmap too much and is unnecessary. I may not bother listing them at all in future, but for now I'll list them here and worry about whether that's worthwhile later.

Up next

I have an Exist for iOS update on the way to the App Store with some bug fixes and improvements to syncing for some Apple Health data. I've started the process of swapping our Dark Sky integration for Apple's WeatherKit, so I'll continue with that this month.


Changemap is a roadmap and user suggestion tool for teams working in public. We use it for Exist, and have been working towards a public launch for a while (it's in beta right now).

Completed this month

Up next

Josh is working on the public API for Changemap right now, as well as working through the requirements for opening up Changemap to public (paid) signups.



  • 1,669 active users
  • 1,303 paid users
  • 237 new signups
  • $12,993 MRR


  • 4,298 accounts including trial or lapsed
  • 64 paying users
  • 21 new signups
  • $210 MRR

As always, you can check our stats anytime on our live stats page.