14 Apr 2023

Working in public

We've been working in public ever since we started building Exist. We've blogged about what we're working on and our long-term goals, published a podcast about the process of development, run yearly user feedback surveys, and since 2016 we've been publishing our user subscription numbers and ...

02 Feb 2023

Existing monthly, January 2023


This month we finished up 2022-related tasks like writing up the findings from our user feedback survey, and started planning our work for the year to come.

Completed this month

  • Published a blog post summarising the results of our 2022 user feedback survey
  • 2022 yearly report was sent out ...
27 Jan 2023

Exist annual survey 2022

At the end of 2022 we sent out our first user feedback survey since 2019. Since our last survey we'd released manual tracking, which was one of the biggest changes to Exist since we launched around 8 years ago. Manual tracking lets you enter data directly into Exist that ...

04 Jan 2023

Existing monthly, December 2022

We started holidays the week before Christmas, so it was a short month as we wrapped up loose ends before taking a break.


Completed this month

  • Finished and released the user feedback survey for this year. It's now closed, and I'll have a write-up of the results ...
05 Dec 2022

Existing monthly, November 2022

A quiet month, but progress continues!


Completed this month

Nothing this month, unfortunately. We have a couple of things almost finished, but didn't manage to get them done before the month ended.

Numbers for this month

  • 1,644 active users
  • 1,295 paid users
  • 341 new signups
  • $12 ...