05 Dec 2022

Existing monthly, November 2022

A quiet month, but progress continues!


Completed this month

Nothing this month, unfortunately. We have a couple of things almost finished, but didn't manage to get them done before the month ended.

Numbers for this month

  • 1,644 active users
  • 1,295 paid users
  • 341 new signups
  • $12,108 MRR

Up next

  • I'm almost done with our transition from Dark Sky to WeatherKit, so I'll try to wrap that up this month
  • I'm also working on this year's user feedback survey, so I'll try to get that finished before the year is over, too


Changemap is a roadmap and user suggestion tool for teams working in public. We use it for Exist, and have been working towards a public launch for a while (it's in beta right now).

Completed this month

  • Josh continued working on the public API for Changemap, and outstanding work to get it ready for opening up to paid users

Up next

More of the same this month!

As always, you can check our stats anytime on our live stats page.