04 Jan 2023

Existing monthly, December 2022

We started holidays the week before Christmas, so it was a short month as we wrapped up loose ends before taking a break.


Completed this month

  • Finished and released the user feedback survey for this year. It's now closed, and I'll have a write-up of the results on the blog soon. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Numbers for this month

  • 1,701 active users
  • 1,275 paid users
  • 265 new signups
  • $11,762 MRR

Up next

  • The update to our weather integration to use Apple's weather data instead of Dark Sky is pretty much done, so that will be finished off and released early this year
  • We have a lot we want to get done this year, but we're not quite finished with our holiday break yet. Our first tasks when we return will be to analyse and write up the user survey results, and plan out our priorities for the year ahead

As always, you can check our stats anytime on our live stats page.